• Questions To Ask A Girl

    To Make Her Attracted

    To You



    If you’ve heard that asking girls questions is powerful…


    Then you’ve heard correctly.


    But why are questions so powerful?



    Why can the right question…


    Posed in just the right way…


    Make a girl attracted to you?


    Well, it all comes down to one thing…


    One thing that you might think is obvious…


    Yet it’s the key to success with woman…


    Let me ask you…


    Have you ever heard anyone talk about “female intuition”?


    Well, female intuition is the voice in her head that tells her...


    If she can trust you… or not.


    And her intuition begins analyzing you as soon as you open your mouth to ask your first question.


    (Which is why the first question is so vital. More on that later)


    Picture this scene...


    You want to ask a girl a question...


    You walk over to a perfect 10 and say hello...


    She listens and smiles as you ask some good questions...


    If she gets a bad vibe then her intuition is going to say…


    “Reject him”


    If she gets a good vibe...


    Then her intuition is going to say something like...


    “Maybe go for coffee with him” … “Maybe give him your number”


    And once she gets a really, really good vibe, then she'll begin to feel attracted to you and safe with you... (that's when she'll sleep with you)


    But what if you could make her feel safe and attracted to you after just a few questions?


    What if you could give her such a confident first impression of who you are…


    That her intuition almost instantly said: “Yes, it’s okay to feel attracted to him”


    And what if you always knew the right question to ask at the right time...


    That would be cool, right?


    Before we get to the kind of good questions to ask a girl. Or the questions to ask a girl you like. Or even the random questions to ask a girl...




    Bookmark this page right now.


    Because you're going to need it for reference later on.


    Don't make the mistake of thinking it's easy to memorize questions.



    I made this mistake myself…


    I used to think the more questions I can memorize…


    The greater my chance of attracting a perfect 10. I was wrong.


    It doesn’t work that way...


    It's impossible to memorize the number of questions to ask a girl that are listed on this page.




    One final thing about memorizing questions.


    Girls can pick up on that fact you're asking her a bunch of questions from memory.


    And it's not good for attraction.


    Because her intuition tells her that your questions are not coming from the right place...


    In other words, you’re making it easy for her intuition to reject you.


    The next mistake most guys make is underestimating how much a woman is governed by her intuition...


    Tricking a woman into bed with sneaky questions is almost impossible...


    Her intuition won't let it happen...


    Almost immediately her intuition tells her if the questions you're asking are coming from the "right place" or the "wrong place".


    Unless you live in a different world to me, there is going to be plenty of chances to check your phone and pick out the best questions to ask her.


    Now, let's move on to the most critical step in asking any girl, any question, and...



    You might want to write this next bit down as it's so important to your chances of attraction...​




    If the questions you're asking are not coming from the right place...


    Chances are high she will not be attracted to you.


    Think of it this way...


    A guy who's (mentally) in the right place can ask a woman any question he wants... ANY QUESTION...




    As soon as you understand how to get into the right place (mentally)...


    You can ask a woman ANY QUESTION...


    And you'll automatically know the right time and best way to ask it.




    Once you understand how to do this...


    To ask questions from the right place...


    The chances of attraction are then much, much greater.


    So, I’m going to stress this one more time as it’s critical...


    A woman rarely ever doubts her intuition…


    Even tall, rich, and handsome guys cannot trick her intuition…


    (Because the times she has gone against her intuition... she’s ended up with the wrong guy)

    This is why getting into the right place (mentally) before you ask your first question is vital.


  • So what is the right question and how is it posed

    in just the right way?


    Let's kick off with the most important questions you can ask a girl... Emotional Questions.



    asking questions

    from a place of confidence

    is how






    Pay attention to this next part, because using this information is what separates the men from the boys.



    How Did I Learn To Ask Questions

    From a Place of Confidence?



    Eric Von Sydow


    I never had any success with women (like girls I really fancied) until I met a guy called Eric Von Sydow (also known as "Hypnotica")


    Eric was the dude that showed me...


    Success with women is more about HOW you ask them questions…


    All the time I'd spent worrying about if I was asking her the right question…


    Meant, I was trying too hard to be cool…


    Too hard to be funny…


    Too hard to be someone I’m not…


    And you are probably trying to do that as well, yeah?


    I only started to see success with women after Eric told me: "It is all about confidence". And he helped me big time with that.


    What Eric did was lay it out for me that a confident man can enjoy more success with women than just about any other kind of man...


    Because confidence lets you believe in yourself...


    And a man who believes in himself starts moving towards the "right place"...


    Starts asking questions from the "right place"...


    Because that man is out in the world chasing down his dreams and enjoying his life...


    When you're confident it so much easier to succeed with women (and just about everything else life)...


    When you speak to a woman from the "right place"... from a place of confidence her intuition accepts you as a guy she can trust...


    Trust is the first step towards attraction...



    Think about it...

    When you ask a girl out on a date

    you're asking her a question...



    If you ask that question from a place of confidence her intuition is more likely to tell her it's okay to trust you...


    So she says yes to going out on a date with you.


    And what I've just told you is just a snippet of what Eric taught me...


    Eric is the first person who made me see that all men are cut from the same DNA... That any man can increase his confidence levels.


    After getting confidence from Eric, I felt relaxed about expressing my personality…


    I found a way to ask her the right questions…


    Questions that sucked her into my reality…


    I went from a shy guy who spent hours memorizing questions to a man who began to know the right questions to ask...


    And more importantly…


    The right way to ask them.


    (Confidence is THE KEY to asking questions in the right way)


    And now the type of questions I ask are completely different from anything you’ll find on Google or YouTube.


    Once, you shift in confidence…


    The place where you ask the questions from automatically shifts.


    When you have the confidence…


    When you have the belief that you are interesting…


    That makes a girl insanely interested in you, she wants to know more


    Here are three proven questions you can ask, but they probably won't work, as you don’t have your confidence dialed in yet…


    • “What’s your name?”

    • “Would you like to go out sometime?”

    • “Your place or mine?”


    I highly recommend you check out that Eric Von Sydow guy, here is his video that shows what he taught me.

  • A Shit-Load more questions to ask girls...


    Starting with emotional questions to ask a girl


    (Remember these questions only work if you ask them from a place of confidence).


    If you had to choose your three most important possessions what would they be?


    You're digging into to her likes and dislikes with this question and finding out about her nature.


    If she says a Swiss Army Knife then you know you've got a practical woman on your hands.


    If she says hot curling tongs... Well, you're dealing with a different kind of woman.


    Maybe she wants to take a picture of her family or of the pet that died (remember you asked her that question earlier).


    When you're struck down with a heavy cold or flu or illness do you like to be left alone or have someone look after you?


    This question lets you find out if she is going to be a clingy girlfriend or not.


    Sure enough most people like a bit of attention when they are feeling down, but listen closely to what she says.


    You might enjoy the though of being at her beck and call when she is ill, or maybe not.


    Maybe it's better if she likes to be left alone when she is ill so you are free to do what you want.

    Would it make you jealous if you thought your boyfriend gave too much time to a pet?


    Is she going to be a jealous girlfriend monitoring your phone and pissed off when want to go out with your male friends and watch the game?

    Do you like to get people's attention by exaggerating things?


    Does she like to be the center of attention?

    Will she do something totally random and loud if you don't pay her enough attention?

    If you could change your nationality to any other country on earth which country would it be and why?


    This question is key to finding out which girls she is most jealous of.

    If she says a Sweden. Then you can be pretty certain she is jealous of tall blonde women.

    If you want to keep the relationship going, then stay away from tall blonde girls.

    You've got a $100,000 budget to throw a party, what kind of party would you throw?


    She will tell you exactly what kind of party and events YOU have to take her to if you want to impress her.




    The more questions you ask the more she will tell you the things you must do to impress here on the next date.


    If I want to see you in your best mood, should I see you in the morning, afternoon, or evening?


    Knowing this is going to save you from a lot of arguments in the future. If you want to ask her a tough question and you know the best time of day to ask...


    Do you want a boring stable and boring relationship or do you want a super exciting relationship with but with lots of ups and down?


    Maybe you're not the guy for her. Maybe she is too much trouble for you. This question will give you the answer.


    Do you want a boring stable and boring relationship or do you want a super exciting relationship with but with lots of ups and down?


    Maybe you're not the guy for her. Maybe she is too much trouble for you. This question will give you the answer. 


  • Good questions to ask a girl


    (Remember these questions only work if you ask them from a place of confidence).


    Do you like to chill out at weekends or do you like to go on adventures?


    What kind of woman are you talking with? If you want to find out. Then ask her this question.


    Is she going to lay on the couch all weekend, expecting you to wait on her? Or is she going to go out and have some fun?


    Are you a Trump supporter? And if we think about politics in a different way, are we going to have a problem?


    This question lets you find out if you can talk about issues you disagree on. If you can then you know there is less chance of arguments. And more chances to talk things through.

    Do you think there is ever a right time to watch porno?


    You could have nymphomaniac on your hands, or you could be talking with a nun.


    Which would you prefer?

    Is there any belief you have that you would get into a physical fight over?


    This question taps into her deepest held beliefs. Respect them as you cannot change them. If you don't agree with them. Move on and find another girl.

    Do you believe in ghosts or the supernatural?


    This is an interesting question that will make her squirm a little. Because she does not want to sound all woo woo. You ask it so you see what her face looks like when she answers honestly.

    Do you prefer to drive or to be driven?


    Is she going to be the dominant one in the relationship or let you lead?




    Don't accept her first answer. Dig deeper into why she answers the way she does.


    If you had a sports car would you keep it clean or would a messy car not really bother you?


    If you're a neat and tidy person then you want to find out what she is like to live with.


    where your teenage years fun?


    Is there something lurking in her past (like a boy she still loves) that is going to cause a problem for you in the future?


    How do you think we should celebrate our first anniversary?


    This question is presuming that you are going to carry on seeing each other. It's vital you ask her this question to get a reading on what she is thinking.


  • "Favorite" questions to ask a girl


    (Remember these questions only work if you ask them from a place of confidence).


    With so much choice of media available, today is it possible that you have a favorite type of music?


    What is her decision-making process like? Can she make a choice from all that is on offer?


    Knowing this will tell you if you have to choose the restaurant, movie, or vacation location. Or if you need to give her choices of places to go and food to eat.


    What were your favorite books, TV, and music from your childhood?


    Anytime you make her feel like a special little girl, again. You will be seen as the number one boyfriend in the world.

    If you could only drink one alcoholic drink for the rest of your life what would it be?


    Asking the question this way makes it easier for her to answer. But it also tells you what drinks to get in when you invite her over to your place for dinner.

    If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?


    Same as the last question. You now know what food to cook her.

    What is your favorite time of the day?


    Similar to a question you may have already asked. But totally worth finding out if she is a morning person.



    A good boyfriend is one who remembers her favorite things. Use these questions to find out what her favorite stuff is.


    What is your favorite quality in a man?


    This question is purposefully direct. When she answers you will know if you are the kind of guy she wants to get to know.


    What is your favorite color?


    This may seem a simple question so combine it with something she is wearing.


    "I can see you're wearing a blue top, is blue your favorite color?

    What is your favorite vacation location (don't matter if you have not been there)?


    If you're a rich guy you can make her dreams come true and whisk her off on a dream vacation.

  • 21 questions you must ask any girl you like


    (Remember these questions only work if you ask them from a place of confidence).


    Do you think you're a mainstream person?


    Knowing how she views herself is vital to an attraction happening.

    What stuff do you find yourself bragging about?


    This answer to this question will tell you the subjects she knows a lot about. Don't fight her on these subjects. You will lose.

    Are you the kind of person who likes to be led or do you like to take charge of situations?


    Is she going to be bossy boots, or is she going to lay back and let you take charge...


    The answer to this question will let you know how to treat her in bed.

    If you had to lose a part of your body, which part would it be and why?


    This question is so off the wall. So unexpected. And so personal. She will give you an honest answer. Look at her face when she tells you. Because you're seeing her "telling the truth" face.

    What stuff do you need to ask other people to help you?


    We all need help at times. Nobody can go it alone. The answer to this question will let you know her vulnerabilities.

    These questions are about finding out Exactly who she is... she cannot escape telling you the truth.


    It's possible for a woman to avoid telling the truth. But you reduce the chances of her lying when you ask these 21 questions.


    Is there anything about me that reminds you of your father?


    Little girls love their fathers. If you project any of her father's quality. You're going to make attraction much easier.


    Have you ever spent a lot of time alone, or lived in apartment by yourself, and did you prefer to living with friends?


    The answer to this question will let you know how willing she is to move into your apartment.

    What do you feel like on a Monday morning?


    Ask this question, and you indirectly ask if she enjoys her work. If she does not enjoy her work, then you know not to talk about here work.

    If you have a pet, like a dog, do you let it run all over the furniture?


    You'll find out how she lives. Is she messy or neat? What kind of women do you want to live with?

    What was the first thing you noticed about me when you saw me?


    The answer here will highlight what she thinks is your best feature. You can then make sure you keep showing her that best feature.

    If you thought I smelled... Would you tell me?


    Is she going to bottle stuff up? Or is she going to talk stuff out with you?

    If you could have any body, what type of body would you have?


    Much like the question about which nationality would she want to be. This question tells you more about the kind of women she is jealous of. Ignore here answer at your own risk.

    Tell me about stuff that you're really clever and know a lot about?


    She will tell you her passions when she answers this question.

    Do you like the clothes I'm wearing or would you change them?


    Does she like your style? Is she going to try and mold you into a new man?

    What are your worst habits?


    A personal question for sure. If she answers truthfully you'll know she is into you.

    Are you 420 friendly?


    Either you know what this question means or you don't. ;)

    Do you eat food for taste or do you eat because you have to stay alive?

    Possibly a future warning of the chances she'll become a porker.

    How many hours sleep a night do you need to feel amazing in the morning?


    When she says she needs eight hours of sleep a night. And that she goes to bed at 10 pm every night. You now know that if you take her to bed at 9:30 pm. You only have 30 minutes for sex.

    If we're eating different foods in a restaurant, will you lean over and sample my food?


    There is an old saying about girlfriends and your money. It goes like this. "What's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine". Pay attention to her answer.

    At the store do you buy only what you need or do you buy stuff you don't need because it is on sale?


    How much is it going to cost you if start dating a compulsive shopper?

    What did it feel like the first time you got drunk?


    Find out if she is a secret drinker. Knowing this could avoid a lot of problems down the road.

  • how to ask a girl out

    (with example questions)

    Always start with hello...


    The way to ask a girl out.


    And not worry about rejection.


    Comes down to one thing.


    Asking her out from a place of confidence...


    But don't take my word for it.


    You've probably watched a movie where a shy boy tries to ask a girl out. Only to choke and stutter and fuck it up completely.


    Yet somehow the girl says yes.


    Well, that is the movies.


    That is not how it happens in real life.


    A girl wants a man to ask her out.


    If that was not true.


    Then nobody would ever date, get married, or have children.


    What a girl wants.


    When a man asks her out.


    Is one thing.


    She wants to know that he's truly into her.


    That he thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world. And that he'd do anything for her.


    She thinks that way because girls believe in heroes.


    They want a man to sweep them off their feet.


    And you can do that.


    You can sweep her off her feet.


    You can make her feel like the most beautiful women in the world.


    And that you'd do anything for her.


    All you have to do is ask her out from a place of confidence... like this


    Remember, she wants you to ask her out.


    Never forget that.


    So walk up to her and say hello.


    Start off easy and sweet and cute.


    She will say hello to you.


    Women are not these deadly creatures that are set on hurting men.


    The opposite is true.


    They are looking for a man.


    A confident man.


    And a confident man starts off by giving her a compliment.


    The easiest way to compliment a woman... Then follow the compliment up with a question


    After you say hello, you want to compliment an item of her clothing.


    And you do it like this.


    "Do you mind me asking. Where did you get your shirt? Only I think it would look awesome on my sister."


    Wow! You've paid her compliment and slipped under her radar by asking for your sister.


    (And don't worry if you don't have a sister, she'll understand later when you tell her).


    Then you can ask her a follow-up question.


    The question is going to be about the color of the clothes she's wearing.


    "Did you pick blue because it's your favorite color?"


    At this point, she is starting to feel more relaxed talking with you.


    She can feel you're a confident man.


    And confident men get what they want from life.


    Next, you want to ask her softly if she'd like to go somewhere. Somewhere that you are already going.


    "Hey, I'm heading to bar/coffee shop/clothing store. Maybe you'd like to come with me?"


    You're keeping it casual.


    Confident men keep things casual.


    As long as you ask her in a confident way.


    You'll either get her number or she will follow you.


    Then, when you are together you can come back to this website and ask her questions.


    However, I cannot stress how all of this depends on if you are a confident man.


    If you want to know more about confidence. And living a life without fear. And getting what you want.


    Then you should check out this video by my mentor Eric Von Sydow and listen to what he has to say about getting confidence.



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    As you read the article keep in mind how tough it is going to be to memorize a whole bunch of questions and recall them when speaking to a woman.

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    If you have any doubts about the power of female intuition then this leading medical site may be worth a look to sweep up any lingering doubt that female intuition could be the number one thing preventing you from getting laid.

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